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June18 2014 Wed-Megyn Kelly- The Obama Presidency Is ‘Imploding
Megyn Kelly opened her show tonight tearing into the Obama White House for what increasingly looks like an “imploding” presidency, given scandal after scandal after scandal the White House has found itself engulfed in, both domestically and abroad.

 Megyn Kelly The obama Presidency Is Imploding
Kelly opened with this simply question: “Is Barack Obama‘s presidency imploding?” She cited the bewildering fact that the U.S. may ally with Iran to deal with the situation in Iraq, and ripped Obama in particulas as “a president who has lost the trust of the American people by repeatedly misleading them.”

She went down a list of scandal after scandal that the president has briefly acknowledged while “smiling, golfing,” and attending fundraisers.

Brit Hume added that Obama’s goal from the start was to reduce the “American footpring in the world” by withdrawing from Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fact that Obama shows very little regret suggests he is “hesitant to change” policies, even when they are failing.

Megyn Kelly, The Obama Presidency Is Imploding

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