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June 18 2014 Wed-Chuck Todd on Obama Poll Numbers: Public Is Saying ‘Your Presidency Is Over

Discussing a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that shows President Barack Obama hitting his lowest foreign policy number in the history of the poll, NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd said on Morning Joe Wednesday morning that the poll reflected the public making a damning verdict about Obama’s presidency.

“This poll is a disaster for the president,” Todd said. “You look at the presidency here: lowest job rating, tied for the lowest; lowest on foreign policy. His administration is seen as less competent than the Bush administration, post-Katrina.” (Here came some awkwardness, as Nicolle Wallace, former Bush communications director at the time of Katrina, was sitting at the table.)
“Then on the issue of do you believe you can still lead, and a majority believe not,” Todd continued. “Essentially the public is saying, ‘Your presidency is over’ by saying a number like that. 54% saying he no longer has the ability to lead and solve problems. That’s one of those things, you’re sitting at the White House going, ‘Wow.’”

Chuck Todd on Obama Poll Numbers: Public Is Saying ‘Your Presidency Is Over

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