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June 24 2014 Tuesday- BREAKING:U.S. Archivist to House Committee: IRS Didn't Follow the Law

The IRS recently informed Congress that a whole chunk of Lois Lerner's e-mails were lost because of hard drive failure. During last night's big IRS hearing, Republicans were outraged over the IRS not informing them of the lost e-mails right away, but instead sitting on the information for a while, and today they brought the official United States archivist, David Ferriero, before the House Oversight and Investigations Committee to address the legality of this issue.
Congressman Tim Walberg brought up how federal agencies are supposed to inform the U.S. archivist of any unauthorized destruction of federal records and asked, "At any time in 2011 through last Monday, did the IRS report any loss of any records related to Lois Lerner?" Ferriero said they did not.

Walberg continued to ask Ferriero whether the IRS violated the law by not reporting the loss of these e-mails. Ferriero replied, "They did not follow the law."

U.S. Archivist to House Committee: IRS Didn't Follow the Law

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