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June 24 2014 Tuesday-Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Fighting with Airport Cops

Last month, Fox anchor Gregg Jarrett was arrested in a Minnesota airport bar for public intoxication after the network announced that he was taking time off for personal reasons.

The Minnesota State Airport Police released Jarrett’s incident report, as well as video of Jarrett brawling with police officers at the airport, to Gawker after they filed a FOIA request. According to the report, Jarrett had recently been released from a alcohol and chemical dependency program, but had consumed one glass of vodka along with an anti-epileptic known as Gabapentin immediately prior to his arrest.

After they brought him to a holding cell to be evaluated by health officials, officer Mark Dorsey reported that Jarrett grew belligerent, telling him “This is all your fault,” and calling him a “fucking stupid ass.” He then apparently grabbed at Dorsey and the firefighter multiple times, and was immediately thrown into a hold by Dorsey, who then yells at him for resisting.

This post originally said the Minnesota State Police released the video. It was actually the Minnesota State Airport Police

Fox News Anchor Gregg Jarrett Fighting with Airport Cops

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