18 Haziran 2014 Çarşamba

A fiery bus crash that killed 10 people, including five high school students, on a California freeway burst into flames almost immediately in a collision that could be heard up to a quarter-mile away, police said today.

The bus was carrying prospective college students from Los Angeles to Humboldt State University in northern California when it was hit by a FedEx truck that traveled over the median and into the northbound lane Thursday night. Police still don't know what caused the FedEx truck to cross the median.

"Our knowledge of it was that (the fire) was almost immediate, the flames were visible and occupants saw flames in front of bus immediately after impact," Glenn County Sheriff Larry Jones said today.

"This was a horrific collision. The impact was heard throughout the communities. People a quarter of a mile away heard this horrendous impact, and right after that impact there was a tremendous fire with very high temperatures," he said.

Students Among the Victims in Deadly California Bus Crash

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